Wednesday, 14 March 2018


The city water supply will be closed

Aurangabad,14 March,2018: Is an outstanding amount of millions of rupees for the Aurangabad city, Jalna and Paithan in the Jaikwadi project in Paithan. A spokesperson of the Irrigation Department said that if Aurangabad city is outstanding due to the amount of Rs. 8 crores, the payment of water supply will be stopped in phases.

 Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and the Paithan Nagar Parishad, owing to the payment of water to the tune of Rs. 8 crore, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has owed Rs. One crore 71 lakh, and Paithan municipal council has outstanding amount of Rs. 73 lakh till February. As soon as the water tax collection is repeatedly asked by senior officials and the government, the due diligence should be paid immediately. Otherwise, the notice issued by the Irrigation Project issued by Jayakwadi reservoir will be started in phases, under the provisions of section 9 7 (1) and section 45 (h) of the Maharashtra Irrigation Act, 1976. Water will be discontinued for two hours on March 19, at 11 am. Four hours on March 20, six hours on March 21, On March 22, the notice will be closed on eight hours and 23 March. The department has made it clear that Municipal Corporation, Municipal Corporation of Jalna and Paithan Municipal Council will be responsible for the inconvenience caused to the people of the city if the water supply is not stopped due to non-stop water supply. 

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