Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Fake currency racket busted in Aurangabad

Aurangabad, 28 February,2018:The police arrested three people who are trying to run 500 fake currency. in late midnight wednesday,the Special branch of the Police Zone has taken this action. Afsar Abdul Pathan (34, resident of Azim Colony Nararegaon), Bhika Uttamrao Waghmare (39, H. Chilthana, Lakshminarayanapura, Jalna) and Sunil Arvind Borade (40, resident of Mahan Colony, Shrirampur, Ahmednagar) The names of these three have been seized and the police have confiscated one-and-a-half-million fake currency worth one and a half lakh, police said. Police have told the possibility of fake currency notes being in Punjab. It has also been revealed in Nagar, Thane, Jalna and Punjab in the Mafia. There has also been a gang that provided fake currency in Nevergun.

Land of Naregawah, Mafia Officer Pathan, got information about the fake currency of one hundred and fifty thousand rupees for one person from Jalna. Assistant Police Inspector Waman Belle was arrested from the Vasantrao Chavan College in Connaught Place on Wednesday, around 2pm on Wednesday night. 

Police seized 66 fake notes of 33 thousand rupees in rupees 500 from a bike trunk. In his inquiry, the name of Bhika Waghmare came in front. The police searched the night and caught him. Then two hundred notes were seized from his trunk (MH-20-CB-8343) trunk and pocket. While catching Bhika, he said that the third partner Sunil Borade will be carrying fake notes in Panchavati Chowk on the Railway Station Road. So the police managed to trap the Boradila by trapping them around midnight. From him, the police arrested 34 fake currency notes and 35 challan notes. He said that Prakash Waditke of Navargaon provided fake currency. Sources said that one person in Punjab had provided notes in Vadis. 

At present, the police has seized fake currency notes of one lakh 64 thousand rupees along with two-wheelers. This action was taken under the guidance of Police Commissioner Yashav Yadav, Assistant Police Inspector Waman Belle, Shipy Pramod Pawar, Isaac Pathan, Vinod Pardeshi, Ganesh Vaalalkar, Vinayak Gite and Women Police, Shimy Kale, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner Rahul Shriram. The case has been registered in the CIDCO police station. Sub-Inspector Chhoturam Thube is investigating the case further. 

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