Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Art gallery

Kala Dirgha Art gallery Showcased in MGM College

Aurangabad,11 February 2018: On Saturday morning at MGM College, kala Dirgha art gallery showcased ‘Untitled Aani Kahipan’ named two days picture display. Modern art, nature drawings, flowers, which showcase various intimacy images in the interior, is spellbinding to the audience. During this time, Harish Dahihande and Shruti Dahihande and the picture taken from the students castle was a great inspiration.  

15 articles from the age group of 6 to 40 get a total of 38 pictures. Each picture is spoken and there are some latent messages. From Nature to the person all types of drawings, they can be seen in this exhibition. In this, the enamel made using various types of twine, paper and cloth, canvases. Continuous work taken from the last two or three months for this exhibit shows the differentiation of each picture.

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