Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Citizens woke up all night to help the devotees stuck in a city, food and water delivered in hour.

Aurangabad, 28 February,2018 : People used to come to Ijtama from Limbagelgaon on Monday night and on Tuesday night, that the help of millions of people can be helped in just a few hours, if the legislator is used for social media work. On Monday night at around 9 pm, there was a virus that started circulating in the public on social media. After this, citizens of the city run on food, water, fruits and railway stations and bus stations. Thousands of devotees stayed in the city for 24 hours due to lack of vehicles.

After three days of Ijtema's concluding afternoon on Monday afternoon, the pilgrims entered the city after four o'clock in the afternoon. There was no dining arrangement for the devotees who were present at the same time at the railway station, Central, CIDCO bus stand. Because most of the hotels in the city were closed due to Ijtema. The 20 to 25 km old man who was tired had become agitated due to lack of food. For them, Izdah volunteers arranged for lunch at the platform number 4 of Railway Station. However, due to the number of devotees being in the house of thousands, the food was immediately over. This information has become viral from social media. After that, the youth of the city sent food, water and sent them to the crowded places.

The shops and
hotels, which were opened after the night , closed all the shops, hotels in the Muslim-majority area on Monday. However, as soon as the devotees know that there is a need for food, many people have opened hotels, shops, food and water bottles. The women woke up all night and made a meal at home. The youth spread the fruits and the food to the devotees.  

After the afternoon, the traffic congestion
created by vehicular traffic on the road from Fatehli Nagar on Monday afternoon came out on the afternoon of Monday afternoon. On this day, the traffic on this route was started in slow pace, with the passage of Waluj, Pandharpur Nagar, Pune and Beed Bypass. On Tuesday afternoon, the traffic on this route became smooth.

There were eight lakh vehicles for Ijtema in Limbagalgaon. On Monday afternoon, after the dawn, the devotees started on the return journey. As the number of pilgrims and vehicles was being seized, the Aurangabad-Ahmednagar highway was blocked. After walking in the first phase, then the bike and then the car, the bus, the truck was released. From one o'clock on Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon, Ijtami's vehicle was in the streets. Volunteers were leaving the road running from Limbagelgaon with police, including the police. Transport Branch Assistant Commissioner, CD Shevagan lauded the help made by the volunteers.

Food, water allocation begins on Tuesday. Meals were sent from Roshan Gate, Cuttack Gate, City Chowk, Budhalen, Azad Chowk etc. 

By the middle of the night, the volunteers returned home to the
railway station and the bus station was in the help of five o'clock in the morning. Many vehicles brought in food were sent to Limbagalgaon, Nagar Naka, Waluj and Kanchanwadi. After all the meals, the volunteers returned home after getting the water reached.

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