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Need of Multicultural education

Need of Multicultural Education in India

·     Multiculturalism is situation in which all the different cultural groups, religious, racial groups, cultural assumptions and values in a society have equal rights and opportunities, and none is ignored or regarded as unimportant.
·     In sociology, multiculturalism is the view that culture difference should be respected or even encouraged.

Multicultural Education:
·     Multicultural education refers to any form of education or teaching that incorporates the histories, texts, values, beliefs, and perspective of people from different cultural background.
·     Multicultural education, also defined as a way of teaching, promotes principles such as inclusion, diversity, democracy, skill acquisition, inquiry, critical thought, values of perspectives, and self-reflection.

India has 29 states, 7 union territories and their culture, lifestyle, festivals, dance, clothing, food and  22 scheduled languages Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Dogri, Bodo, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu. India is religiously and ethnically very diverse country in the world.
We can say that India is ‘unity in diversity’ that’s why to maintain this unity in diversity Multicultural education is important. Because now a days people dividing their parts of the society, they are trying to make their particular community superior and ruled another’s one. Eg, the Muslims believe that they ruled over India and Hindu’s believe that they ruled over India. Muslims thought their ancestors had built Red fort, Qutub Minar etc. and it were their ancestors who made the culture place by birth.

The North Indians and south Indians are racially different. The North Indians probably are Aryans, they without any substantial evidence and The Indus civilization was destroyed by invading Aryans who were then defeated by Muslim invaders. 

Firstly we know, we have various cultures and we all respect it. But now a days we fought religious wars, and disturb India’s unity culture.
Education about multicultural is important because culture can be described as  through processes, belief systems and behavioral patterns of a community, give them to by previous generations. Every Culture is different for different community, it is the nature of the people, who have developed a particular view according to their perspective of living shaped by their geographical and social environments.

Language is the medium to express of all things expand through communicating among members of the community and changing the culture focus. Language is also a culture its specific to a particular community, language also represents culture. Language helps people of the community to establish, assert and maintain their identity as individuals and as a group, bringing among them a sense of solidarity.

It is very difficult task to educate students about multicultural because teachers also came from the same society where religious war happening today’s era. But though teachers taking efforts and representing different religions, castes, creed, lifestyle, language, food culture and many more things which helps to student educate about multicultural and they think about it to maintain it in our society.

So, when schools, colleges faculty member as well as students take responsibility about multicultural education and they start studying about it seriously then after we can face more complex social, cultural, religious problems which actually created by us. Multicultural education is not only need of India but also necessity of Indian education system. Only because of that we can maintain ‘unity in diversity’ in India.

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