Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Happy street

“Happy street” Day 3 at Usmanpura

Aurangabad, 20 February, 2018: The Times Group is the organizer of Happy street. Happy street is an initiative by the times of India which encourages people to come out onto the streets to socialize every Sunday morning through several of activities. The road selected for Happy street is blocked for 3-4 hours in the morning on Sundays to turn it into a free space where any one can walk, jog and cycle or just roam about and enjoy seeing others. Fitness forms such as Zumba is performed there.

On 18th February, it was held on the street of Usmanpura. There were many activities like painting, sculpting, drawing and snake and ladder for small toddlers, rangoli making, etc. On the steet were imitating it. People of all age groups had participated in this event. Many sport activities such as badminton, skipping, skating, cycling, karate, were being played. Few people were showing their talents for example, two kids were playing violin and guitar.

Also a group of people were playing drums are many were doing lazims on the beats. “Happy street is a nice concept. It is actually fun. Also I feel that my kids are staying away from T.V and mobile phone at least for 3 hours and do these activities”, said one parent.

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