Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Health problem

Health problems in city due to improper disposal of Garbage

Aurangabad,7 February, 2018: Despite of the fact that the AMC spend Rs.60 Crore for the solid waste management project and door to door garbage collections. Aurangabad city still faces the problem of improper disposal of garbage.
The streets are littered and many places are dumped with garbage into the city. A major part of the landmasses of the city are dumped with garbage that is left indisposed. This shows the inefficiency and negligence of both the AMC as well as the residents of Aurangabad, in matters concerning the disposal garbage. 
The municipal corporation which dumps garbage at Naregaon During Yard for the last 30 years is over utilizing the facility. In the absence of an alternative place the corporation continues to dump about 150-160 truck loads of garbage everyday in the yard, leaving litter room for additional waste.

People are facing severe health hazardous due to indisposed garbage on the streets as well as the localities. There are instance where residents are negligent to throw the garbage into the bins. The garbage bins are empty and the garbage is spilled all over the areas. It is duty of the AMC to collect the garbage from the streets and locality and dispose it on the dumping grounds.

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