Wednesday, 14 March 2018

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Ramdas Kokare: Vengurla Pattern makes 'Kachraabad' to be 'Aurangabad' again

Aurangabad, 11 March 2018 : The Vengurla pattern will be implemented to make Aurangabad again its city that has been identified as 'Kachraabad'. Now Chief Minister has taken this decision to permanently solve the problem of waste in the city. For this, Ramdas Kokare, who successfully executed the Vengurla Municipal Council and the Vengurla Pattern, has been given additional charge. Work urgently in Aurangabad To start, Kokare has entered Aurangabad and has started work since Monday morning. 

The city of Vengurla was surrounded by a garbage problem a few years back. But after that Ramdas Kokare became the Chief Officer and transformed the city. He created a Vengurla pattern from the administration and people's participation in the distribution of waste management. This pattern was appreciated throughout the country. Ramadas Kokare Pattern cleanliness and waste in many cities Was used for the management. 

Aurangabad additional charge
Ramdas Kokare has been appointed as the Chief of the Vengurla. There is no solution to the garbage problem in Aurangabad and Ramdas Kokare has been asked to take care of this question. They have been given special responsibility for this task. That is why they have three days to arrange the garbage question in Aurangabad and Vengurla for three days. Their headquarters here They will be responsible for the post. 

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