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Need of Multicultural education

Need of Multicultural Education in India

·     Multiculturalism is situation in which all the different cultural groups, religious, racial groups, cultural assumptions and values in a society have equal rights and opportunities, and none is ignored or regarded as unimportant.
·     In sociology, multiculturalism is the view that culture difference should be respected or even encouraged.

Multicultural Education:
·     Multicultural education refers to any form of education or teaching that incorporates the histories, texts, values, beliefs, and perspective of people from different cultural background.
·     Multicultural education, also defined as a way of teaching, promotes principles such as inclusion, diversity, democracy, skill acquisition, inquiry, critical thought, values of perspectives, and self-reflection.

India has 29 states, 7 union territories and their culture, lifestyle, festivals, dance, clothing, food and  22 scheduled languages Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Dogri, Bodo, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu. India is religiously and ethnically very diverse country in the world.
We can say that India is ‘unity in diversity’ that’s why to maintain this unity in diversity Multicultural education is important. Because now a days people dividing their parts of the society, they are trying to make their particular community superior and ruled another’s one. Eg, the Muslims believe that they ruled over India and Hindu’s believe that they ruled over India. Muslims thought their ancestors had built Red fort, Qutub Minar etc. and it were their ancestors who made the culture place by birth.

The North Indians and south Indians are racially different. The North Indians probably are Aryans, they without any substantial evidence and The Indus civilization was destroyed by invading Aryans who were then defeated by Muslim invaders. 

Firstly we know, we have various cultures and we all respect it. But now a days we fought religious wars, and disturb India’s unity culture.
Education about multicultural is important because culture can be described as  through processes, belief systems and behavioral patterns of a community, give them to by previous generations. Every Culture is different for different community, it is the nature of the people, who have developed a particular view according to their perspective of living shaped by their geographical and social environments.

Language is the medium to express of all things expand through communicating among members of the community and changing the culture focus. Language is also a culture its specific to a particular community, language also represents culture. Language helps people of the community to establish, assert and maintain their identity as individuals and as a group, bringing among them a sense of solidarity.

It is very difficult task to educate students about multicultural because teachers also came from the same society where religious war happening today’s era. But though teachers taking efforts and representing different religions, castes, creed, lifestyle, language, food culture and many more things which helps to student educate about multicultural and they think about it to maintain it in our society.

So, when schools, colleges faculty member as well as students take responsibility about multicultural education and they start studying about it seriously then after we can face more complex social, cultural, religious problems which actually created by us. Multicultural education is not only need of India but also necessity of Indian education system. Only because of that we can maintain ‘unity in diversity’ in India.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


RTE Entrance: Draft method implemented in the first round by application number

Aurangabad,12 March,2018: In the Right to Education Act (RTE), the first round was organized on Tuesday for 25 percent free admission for the new academic year. The first round was implemented for one kilometer distance circumference schools. According to the online registration application form for admission, lottery system number (lottery system) was sent to NIC. However, in the first round of today's picture, many parents have turned their backs on the picture. 

This year, 565 schools in the district have been registered under 'RTE' as per the appeal of Education Department. In these schools, 6 thousand 371 seats have been set for 25% free admission and till date 11 thousand 116 students have been enrolled online for the last deadline.

Although parents applied for maximum school for their children, they were considered for the first round of residences from the school within one km. The entrance round held at Sant Tukaram Natyagrha in Cidco area was started at 11.30 in the morning. 
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Manjueha Kapse, Education Officer S. P. Jaiswal, Ramesh Thakur, Shrikant Dixit and other employees were present. 
Today the number of debitically withdrawn numbers was sent to the 'NIC' office. 'NIC' will be informed about the access to the SMS by the parents tomorrow night. It is necessary for parents to get access to their children in the school provided by the school. So, after coming 'SMS', parents have 
to be admitted in the concerned school within the prescribed period .

Number removed before all; The transparent process 
was given earlier in advance about the lottery system implemented by parents present in the Sant Tukaram Natyagrha. The four glasses of glass were kept in front of them. In all four glasses, the number of 0 to 9 numbers was cast. 
Each of the four boxes of one of the four vessels was taken by the hand of the children who came with the parents. Since the number of applications for online enrolling parents was four-digit, four chunky numbers were added and four-digit numbers were added. In such a way, the education department has implemented the transparent admission process. The numbers were immediately reported to the 'NIC' office.


Citizens woke up all night to help the devotees stuck in a city, food and water delivered in hour.

Aurangabad, 28 February,2018 : People used to come to Ijtama from Limbagelgaon on Monday night and on Tuesday night, that the help of millions of people can be helped in just a few hours, if the legislator is used for social media work. On Monday night at around 9 pm, there was a virus that started circulating in the public on social media. After this, citizens of the city run on food, water, fruits and railway stations and bus stations. Thousands of devotees stayed in the city for 24 hours due to lack of vehicles.

After three days of Ijtema's concluding afternoon on Monday afternoon, the pilgrims entered the city after four o'clock in the afternoon. There was no dining arrangement for the devotees who were present at the same time at the railway station, Central, CIDCO bus stand. Because most of the hotels in the city were closed due to Ijtema. The 20 to 25 km old man who was tired had become agitated due to lack of food. For them, Izdah volunteers arranged for lunch at the platform number 4 of Railway Station. However, due to the number of devotees being in the house of thousands, the food was immediately over. This information has become viral from social media. After that, the youth of the city sent food, water and sent them to the crowded places.

The shops and
hotels, which were opened after the night , closed all the shops, hotels in the Muslim-majority area on Monday. However, as soon as the devotees know that there is a need for food, many people have opened hotels, shops, food and water bottles. The women woke up all night and made a meal at home. The youth spread the fruits and the food to the devotees.  

After the afternoon, the traffic congestion
created by vehicular traffic on the road from Fatehli Nagar on Monday afternoon came out on the afternoon of Monday afternoon. On this day, the traffic on this route was started in slow pace, with the passage of Waluj, Pandharpur Nagar, Pune and Beed Bypass. On Tuesday afternoon, the traffic on this route became smooth.

There were eight lakh vehicles for Ijtema in Limbagalgaon. On Monday afternoon, after the dawn, the devotees started on the return journey. As the number of pilgrims and vehicles was being seized, the Aurangabad-Ahmednagar highway was blocked. After walking in the first phase, then the bike and then the car, the bus, the truck was released. From one o'clock on Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon, Ijtami's vehicle was in the streets. Volunteers were leaving the road running from Limbagelgaon with police, including the police. Transport Branch Assistant Commissioner, CD Shevagan lauded the help made by the volunteers.

Food, water allocation begins on Tuesday. Meals were sent from Roshan Gate, Cuttack Gate, City Chowk, Budhalen, Azad Chowk etc. 

By the middle of the night, the volunteers returned home to the
railway station and the bus station was in the help of five o'clock in the morning. Many vehicles brought in food were sent to Limbagalgaon, Nagar Naka, Waluj and Kanchanwadi. After all the meals, the volunteers returned home after getting the water reached.


Fake currency racket busted in Aurangabad

Aurangabad, 28 February,2018:The police arrested three people who are trying to run 500 fake currency. in late midnight wednesday,the Special branch of the Police Zone has taken this action. Afsar Abdul Pathan (34, resident of Azim Colony Nararegaon), Bhika Uttamrao Waghmare (39, H. Chilthana, Lakshminarayanapura, Jalna) and Sunil Arvind Borade (40, resident of Mahan Colony, Shrirampur, Ahmednagar) The names of these three have been seized and the police have confiscated one-and-a-half-million fake currency worth one and a half lakh, police said. Police have told the possibility of fake currency notes being in Punjab. It has also been revealed in Nagar, Thane, Jalna and Punjab in the Mafia. There has also been a gang that provided fake currency in Nevergun.

Land of Naregawah, Mafia Officer Pathan, got information about the fake currency of one hundred and fifty thousand rupees for one person from Jalna. Assistant Police Inspector Waman Belle was arrested from the Vasantrao Chavan College in Connaught Place on Wednesday, around 2pm on Wednesday night. 

Police seized 66 fake notes of 33 thousand rupees in rupees 500 from a bike trunk. In his inquiry, the name of Bhika Waghmare came in front. The police searched the night and caught him. Then two hundred notes were seized from his trunk (MH-20-CB-8343) trunk and pocket. While catching Bhika, he said that the third partner Sunil Borade will be carrying fake notes in Panchavati Chowk on the Railway Station Road. So the police managed to trap the Boradila by trapping them around midnight. From him, the police arrested 34 fake currency notes and 35 challan notes. He said that Prakash Waditke of Navargaon provided fake currency. Sources said that one person in Punjab had provided notes in Vadis. 

At present, the police has seized fake currency notes of one lakh 64 thousand rupees along with two-wheelers. This action was taken under the guidance of Police Commissioner Yashav Yadav, Assistant Police Inspector Waman Belle, Shipy Pramod Pawar, Isaac Pathan, Vinod Pardeshi, Ganesh Vaalalkar, Vinayak Gite and Women Police, Shimy Kale, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner Rahul Shriram. The case has been registered in the CIDCO police station. Sub-Inspector Chhoturam Thube is investigating the case further. 

Social problem

Ramdas Kokare: Vengurla Pattern makes 'Kachraabad' to be 'Aurangabad' again

Aurangabad, 11 March 2018 : The Vengurla pattern will be implemented to make Aurangabad again its city that has been identified as 'Kachraabad'. Now Chief Minister has taken this decision to permanently solve the problem of waste in the city. For this, Ramdas Kokare, who successfully executed the Vengurla Municipal Council and the Vengurla Pattern, has been given additional charge. Work urgently in Aurangabad To start, Kokare has entered Aurangabad and has started work since Monday morning. 

The city of Vengurla was surrounded by a garbage problem a few years back. But after that Ramdas Kokare became the Chief Officer and transformed the city. He created a Vengurla pattern from the administration and people's participation in the distribution of waste management. This pattern was appreciated throughout the country. Ramadas Kokare Pattern cleanliness and waste in many cities Was used for the management. 

Aurangabad additional charge
Ramdas Kokare has been appointed as the Chief of the Vengurla. There is no solution to the garbage problem in Aurangabad and Ramdas Kokare has been asked to take care of this question. They have been given special responsibility for this task. That is why they have three days to arrange the garbage question in Aurangabad and Vengurla for three days. Their headquarters here They will be responsible for the post. 

Sillod Shiva shivar case

Sillod: Claiming that a stone was found in Shiva; Auction at midnight, guarded by 'Zero Police' on the well 

Sillod,11March,2018: A well of Shiva Shivar in Silode, Sillod taluka is presently in the discussions. In the 844 serial of Kausallyabai Eknath Kale, the work was done for the wells in the district.

 After clearing up to 38 to 40 feet, on Sunday (Day 4) suddenly a yellowish brown colored stone appeared in it. What is this exact type of stone? If it does not, will not it? Many questions have been discussed in the area. It is not worth the information about the fact that the farmer neglected this because the work was done in the well. Some guides in Jindh are very rare multi-stone stones. We have started the 'Zero Police' on the well for the well being.

Many people get information as soon as they get information In the area, there was a lot of climbing of the crowd and the feet of the dreaded doves began to move towards the Shiva. It is important that no one is aware that the ownership of the government property is not implemented. The people of the area are discussing the night between them. The discussion is not sure. I talk about finding a dazzling stone in a well. But this information is not sure. The revenue administration can tell more about it to media. Kiran Aher, Assistant Police Inspector, Ajitha Police Thane.

 There is a demand for pearls, white, red, brown and yellow colored stones and items made from abroad demanded in different places. There are different types of ornaments made from these. If some of these stones are green, then its price is high.


7702 candidates for 'MBA' CET

Aurangabad,12 March,2018:The online entrance examination for the postgraduate degree (MBA) in the Department of Management was held on Saturday and Sunday. In Aurangabad division, seven thousand 702 students gave the test. The results will be announced on March 19. 

The next admission schedule will then be announced. In the academic year 2018-19, online application was invited from January 22 to February 14 for admission to MBA courses. After that online entrance examination was held on March 10 and 11. In Aurangabad division, the examination was conducted on ten different centers. Eight thousand 137 students had registered for the examination from the department. In fact, seven thousand 702 students attended the examination in two days. 

This year the number of candidates has increased from Aurangabad division. In the last three-four years, the admission rate for MBA courses has come down. This year, the number of students sitting in the CET has increased. So, the number of vacancies this year is likely to be lower than last year.