Wednesday, 14 March 2018


RTE Entrance: Draft method implemented in the first round by application number

Aurangabad,12 March,2018: In the Right to Education Act (RTE), the first round was organized on Tuesday for 25 percent free admission for the new academic year. The first round was implemented for one kilometer distance circumference schools. According to the online registration application form for admission, lottery system number (lottery system) was sent to NIC. However, in the first round of today's picture, many parents have turned their backs on the picture. 

This year, 565 schools in the district have been registered under 'RTE' as per the appeal of Education Department. In these schools, 6 thousand 371 seats have been set for 25% free admission and till date 11 thousand 116 students have been enrolled online for the last deadline.

Although parents applied for maximum school for their children, they were considered for the first round of residences from the school within one km. The entrance round held at Sant Tukaram Natyagrha in Cidco area was started at 11.30 in the morning. 
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Manjueha Kapse, Education Officer S. P. Jaiswal, Ramesh Thakur, Shrikant Dixit and other employees were present. 
Today the number of debitically withdrawn numbers was sent to the 'NIC' office. 'NIC' will be informed about the access to the SMS by the parents tomorrow night. It is necessary for parents to get access to their children in the school provided by the school. So, after coming 'SMS', parents have 
to be admitted in the concerned school within the prescribed period .

Number removed before all; The transparent process 
was given earlier in advance about the lottery system implemented by parents present in the Sant Tukaram Natyagrha. The four glasses of glass were kept in front of them. In all four glasses, the number of 0 to 9 numbers was cast. 
Each of the four boxes of one of the four vessels was taken by the hand of the children who came with the parents. Since the number of applications for online enrolling parents was four-digit, four chunky numbers were added and four-digit numbers were added. In such a way, the education department has implemented the transparent admission process. The numbers were immediately reported to the 'NIC' office.

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