Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Garbage dumping problem in Naregaon

Villagers around Naregaon facing major problems

Aurangabad, 1 March, 2018: The over utilized Naregaon Yard for dumping of garbage has been a big concern for the civic authorities. There is no space left for further dumping of garbage. Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) continuous dumping over 450 metric tonne of garbage everyday. 

The villagers around Naregaon stopped the garbage trucks from entering the dumping yard site.The villagers around Naregaon and living in a radius of 10 km facing major health problems. Municipal corporation was illegally burning garbage at Naregaon because of what huge smoke causing serious air pollution in the surrounding area. Also cause respiratory problems and other adverse effects.

The local civic body has plans to create new garbage disposal ground at Tisgaon, which is not only harmful to the health of locals but also fir the local environment.

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