Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Sillod Shiva shivar case

Sillod: Claiming that a stone was found in Shiva; Auction at midnight, guarded by 'Zero Police' on the well 

Sillod,11March,2018: A well of Shiva Shivar in Silode, Sillod taluka is presently in the discussions. In the 844 serial of Kausallyabai Eknath Kale, the work was done for the wells in the district.

 After clearing up to 38 to 40 feet, on Sunday (Day 4) suddenly a yellowish brown colored stone appeared in it. What is this exact type of stone? If it does not, will not it? Many questions have been discussed in the area. It is not worth the information about the fact that the farmer neglected this because the work was done in the well. Some guides in Jindh are very rare multi-stone stones. We have started the 'Zero Police' on the well for the well being.

Many people get information as soon as they get information In the area, there was a lot of climbing of the crowd and the feet of the dreaded doves began to move towards the Shiva. It is important that no one is aware that the ownership of the government property is not implemented. The people of the area are discussing the night between them. The discussion is not sure. I talk about finding a dazzling stone in a well. But this information is not sure. The revenue administration can tell more about it to media. Kiran Aher, Assistant Police Inspector, Ajitha Police Thane.

 There is a demand for pearls, white, red, brown and yellow colored stones and items made from abroad demanded in different places. There are different types of ornaments made from these. If some of these stones are green, then its price is high.

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