Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Poetry Culture

“Poets define any Culture well” Says Ravi Korde

Aurangabad,18 February,2018: City based writer bags prestigious Sahitya Academy Yuva award winner Ravi Korde, he got this precious award for “Dhoosar Zale Naste Gav” (Poetry). “Poem is the voice of those people who does not raise their voice against their problems and sorrows”, Ravi Korde said. Poem is collection of different culture and surrounding, Poem is the simplest and expressive way to express ones thoughts.
Ravi korde said, “During school days I wrote poems for interschool competition. I love Marathi books, so I started reading it seriously. In college life I got what actually a poem is and its seriousness. After that I started to read poetry books, and then I realized poem is very serious thing. It is a very broad concept. “Poem is straight but now narrow”, Ravi Korde said.
Literature is an only medium which connects people heart to heart. Poetry makes people sensitive. It works to maintain values of society. Poetry has that much strength to kill enemies of humanity. “Now a days’ we don’t respect ones emotions and feelings but poem gives life to a stone, wall, even hardest rock”, Ravi Korde said.
Poems never die. And whenever we read poem, every time it gives new angle, new vision, new start to see the world again. When we write poem, we use new words and that’s why after every poem we make it more rich by words and powerfully by meaning.

When asked to Ravi korde, that whether all the poets or Author are pressurized, he answered, “may it be a poet or an author after all he or she is a common person, so obviously they are pressurized by society. Now a days if a poet writes against any wrong, bad thing or raise voice, suddenly any party or some bully pressurized by their threat. Now days we go through very difficult mentality of society. And it’s very harmful to not only people but also for poetry culture. There was a time when people respected each others thoughts and opinion of poets and an authors but now it’s hard to express. But though there are poets and authors who face this problem and doing their duty. 

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