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"Pokhara is a refreshing getaway from the crowded capital Kathmandu"

Nepal(Pokhara), 14 September,2017 : Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal. It is the starting point for most of the treks in the Annapurna area.
From Kathmandu tourist buses and crowded local buses/micro buses travel the 200km journey between kathamandu and Pokhara almost every 15 minutes starting at 07:30 through late afternoon. Night buses are available, but the ride is painful. Greenline operates a convenient bus every morning between the popular tourist area of Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside in Pokhara. The road is winding with many bus witch backs but offers wonderful views of hills and rural Nepalese lifestyle. The drivers will generally not drive too fast but some will calmly weave in and out of the stream of opposing traffic and slam on the brakes when a stop is required, making for a scary ride if you look out the front window. During the rainy season, there may be problems with roads and flying may make more sense.
There are some Lakes and Waterfalls
 Phewa Lake. One of Nepal's most beautiful spots, Phewa Tal is surrounded by a combination of monkey-filled forests and the high white peaks. The reflections in the mirror like water in the early morning are something you must see at least once before you die. Hire a boat and row yourself across the lake.

Begnas Lake.Out of town and away from the hustle, Begnas Tal is quiet, clean and peaceful. There are a few basic hotels to stay in and the odd refreshment shop. The walk along the road leading to Begnas Tal is fascinating, the seasonal rhythms of daily life in the country make great images.

Rupa Lake.One of the more remote lakes in Pokhara with limited accessibility and hence more serene and unspoiled compared to the other lakes. A must visit for any nature lover.

Dipang Lake. Beautiful lake where you can find wild louts and wild swan.It is located about fifteen minutes walk from Sisuwa, the city centre of Lekhnath municipality.

Devi's Falls, corrupted from David's Fall after David'sb wife who died here on accidentally discovering a water-fall.

There are some Caves too
Mahendra Cave is a famous cave located in Batulechaur, he northern end of the Pokhara city.

Chamare Gufa-Bat cave. It is another cave located some ten minutes away from the bats that can be seen hanging by the cave's walls. Be aware that the exist is very narrow and a little bit of climbing is necessary.

Gupteswar Mahadev Cave. Another cave famous for it's religious importance located in the southern end of the city. Chorepatan. This cave has a famous Hindu god Shiva. It is opp Devi's Fall and on going its underground stairwell depth one comes across the water of Devi's Fall itself.

So, "if you are visiting Nepal, you must spend a day or two in Pokhara." -Jaya Divate

        "Endowed with heavenly landscape and scenery, Pokhara is truly refreshing getway from the crowded capital Kathmandu." -Nilesh Kangale

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