Saturday, 14 October 2017

Food Culture

                            "Nepalese Food Culture"

Nepal(Kathmandu), 13 September, 2017: Fast food, stick food is what  youngsters eat these days in Kathmandu.These delicacies come on hand-held sticks. They are believed to have come from Chine, where they are referred to as 'street barbecue' or shao kao. The idea with shao kao is that customers can choose from a variety of meat and seafood items and get them at a snap of a finger; vendors specialise in serving food as fast as they can. The food item a customer chooses is heavily spiced and grilled on bamboo skewers and served hot. 

 NPP(Nepal ma Pahilo patak-the first time in Nepal), was one the first eateries in Kathmandu to incorporate this shao kao cuisine into their menu, of course with a local twist.

Tej Bahadur Gyabak, the owner of six NPP outlets spread across the city, says, "My brother first experienced this food in chine and was so fascinated with the idea of stick food, he brought it here and used classic Nepali ingredients that would later come to be staples of the cuisine." 

The popularity of stick food is not to being exaggerated here; the 10-year old food service sees almost 300 people at each outlet every week and runs through over 300 kilos of food at just two outlets in Pulchowk.

At most food cafes in Kathmandu, fried mushrooms, momos, Manchurian, potatoes, sausages and even tofu, come on wooden skewers for both vegetarians
and non-vegetarians to devour. They're so popular that customers fail to leave without ordering at least one of each.

Meat items like sausages have always been well-liked among the Nepali crowed; when they are served on sticks, fried and spiced, they become the welcome snack for any occasion. And of course, potato, or aloo, never fails to make it to the diet of the Nepalis-fried alloos just tempt them even more.

I've seen how popular momos have become across the country, the same is happening with these fried food dishes;the skewers might also be one of the appealing aspects that make people keep comining back for more.

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