Saturday, 21 October 2017

Educationl Right

                       "Al-Hussain Education Society"

Aurangabad, 6 October, 2017: The Al-Hussain Society is an organization established to aid education of Minorities specially Muslims, in the state of Maharashtra it was established by sated litemas Hussain Jafri with a view to provide base education to Minorities. Al Hussain Education Society is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) working the field of education and literacy. It works towards the promotion of  sustainable development.

Currently it is a group of about a dozen of educational institutes. Jafri Sayed Hussain, Chief functionary of Al-Hussain Education Society was awarded with "Siksha Ratan" in 2006. In 2012 Jain Syed Hadi Hussain , and Qureshi Ghulam Jilani were awarded with "Indira Gandhi Sadhvana Award".
"Al Hussein Society strives to do the utmost for people with disabilities, from new-born babies to adults, by recognizing their civil rights and guaranteeing then their basic needs of rehabilitation, health care and education. It is our hope that this leads to better job opportunities, social and economic accessibility that would earn them respect in their community and help them to become productive, self motivated individuals and ultimately masters of their own destiny."

Al Hussain Society (AHS), established in 1971 under  directive of His late Majesty King Hussein, is a Jordanian non-governmental organization specializing in the field of physical disabilities.It initially began its services aiding governent-run orphanages, but once involved in a volunteer program, AHS became aware of the need to address the lack of services for those with physical challenges. Thus over the years, AHS has became, and is widely recognized as the ledeing organization in jorden that provide a wide range of rehabilitation and educational programs and services to people with disabilities.

Al Hussein Society (AHS) is committed to creating an indusive society by raising community awareness in cooperation with public and civil societies, promoting laws and safeguarding the rights of person with disabilities, while offering internationally accredited comprehensive rehabilitation programs and training.
In order to ensure proper integrating into the Jordanlan public school system. Al Hussain Society provides a comprehensive learning experience frrom foundation through third grade to children with physical challenges.

The school follows the curriculum of thge Ministry of Education and empowers children to practice their full civil rights and duties, preparing them for their move to mainstream schools in fourth grade.
Al Hussein Society offers specialized training opp[ortunities to people working in the field of rehabilitation in jorden and the Middle East.

Training is also offered to university students working towards degrees in the domain of rehabilitation such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, by the highly skilled staff at Al Hussein Society. 

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