Saturday, 21 October 2017

Interview Story

"Generate Curiosity Among Students to Learn"

Aurangabad, 4 September, 2017:  "The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book."  Said,Mr. Prashant Dixit ( State Editor of  Divya Marathi, Aurangabad) while interviewing.
Q.What is the difference between teaching and guidence?
Ans.Well, teaching is limited only to a particular topic or a subject whereas guidence is a very vast concept. For instance, in journalism field, teaching will include how to write news, basics of reporting etc. But, guidence wil;l include why to choose journalism as a profession,hurdles in the path and how to overcome them etc.

Q. What are the factors that ditinguish between teaching and guidence?
Ans.Basically teaching and guidence are meant to be same but unfortunately in India, students are only taught bookish language which is not at all implemented in our daily routine whereas guidance is totally experience driven and prctically applicable in our daily routine.

Q.What problems did you face in your academic life?
Ans.Actully, during our time, very few career options were available, so we used to pursue whatever our techers suggested. Basically there were no major problems during my academic life. I used to read various books apart from our syllabus which lso included biographies on various journalist. There were rare journalist who had computer knowledge and only beacause i had degree of computer science.I was selected in Times Of India.

Q.Are guidence and teaching complimentary to each other?
Ans.Actually, guidence and teaching have to be complimentary to each other. Unless and until you become a guide, you cannot teach something property and unless and until you become a proper teacher, you cannot guide someone.

Q.What do you think about current scenario of students?
Ans.I feel that students nowdays are not asking questions, they don't have curiosity to learn. Maybe, they don't get proper quality of education and then they think that this topic might not be relevent to the subject. Teachers today, need to generte curiosity among students to learn.
                                                                                              As said to Priyanka Pathade.

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